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  • Is laser tag dangerous?
    No, laser tag is no more dangerous than other team sports. No projectiles are used, such as in paintball. The laser beam is also completely harmless. This is just an infrared signal, like that used in remote controls, in connection with a class 1 laser beam.
  • What are the rules of the game in LaserTag?
    The rules of the game and the rules of conduct are always explained to the players in detail before the first game in our arena: You are not allowed to run, climb or crawl and any physical contact is prohibited. In addition, of course, the following always applies: fair play and no insults. There is also a referee on the field to ensure compliance with the rules. Exact rules differ from game to game.
  • Is laser tag very tiring?
    Yes and no. Laser tag is less about speed and more about team spirit, concentration and responsiveness. Everyone plays laser tag in their own way - which can result in some coming out of the game sweaty and others not at all.
  • What clothes do I need to play laser tag?
    You can wear what you want for laser tag, the clothes should only be sporty and preferably dark, as this will make you less visible to your opponents in the darkened hall.
  • How many laser tag games do you usually play during a visit?
    Two or three as a beginner, because you usually have to get to know the game and the arena in the first round and the real fun of the game only really begins when you get the hang of it. Experienced players usually play 4-5 rounds of laser tag.
  • How many people can play LaserTag?
    2 to 33 people can play at the same time. If you're alone, that's not an issue either. You can just drop by and join another group. If you are more than 30 people, this is also not a problem. We then organize the event so that one group plays while the other takes a break. Group events with 100 or more participants are no problem.
  • Do I play with strangers at LaserTag?
    Since the game is always more fun the more players there are, we always mix with other guests. But that doesn't have to mean that your group has to play in separate teams, this is only the case if there's really no other way, i.e. fair play wouldn't be possible otherwise. However, we always make every effort to respect and implement personal wishes.
  • We would like to play as a group just among ourselves, is that possible with you?
    Yes, we offer the exclusive package for this (e.g. here). This way you are guaranteed to have the field just for you. With the packages M, L and XL, the flat rates or other offers, other guests can also be on the field. If the exclusive package is too expensive for you, we recommend that you drop by during the week. There is a higher probability that you can play alone. You are also welcome to call us and we will discuss with you which day there are few or no bookings.
  • Are there different sizes of LaserTag vests?
    All vests are the same size. They can be tightened and loosened at the side, making them ideal for both slim and corpulent players. In special cases, the vest can also be left open, which is only possible with the system we use. The waistcoats fit all of our hundreds of thousands of guests :)
  • Do I have to take or plan breaks between the LaserTag games?
    No. Our recommendation is to take a break (20 min) after each game, so our offers, such as Children's birthday party or company event, all break times are already pre-planned and taken into account in the stay time. You can also customize the course of your event when booking by phone, i.e. add or remove break times of 20 minutes each!
  • How long is a laser tag game?
    The briefing takes about 5 minutes and the playing time is 12 minutes.
  • LaserTag vs Airsoft vs Paintball - What's the Difference?
    With airsoft or paintball, a projectile leaves the marker (phaser) during the marking process. The impact can be painful and most often results in an immediate elimination from the game. This is not the case with laser tagging, instead an infrared signal is sent to the opponent's sensors and converted into points. Therefore, children can also play laser tag, while paintball and the like is only allowed from the age of 16 or 18.
  • What food and drinks do you offer at LaserTag?
    We offer a wide range of soft and energy drinks, vegan and hot drinks. We also offer alcoholic beverages for exclusive company celebrations. If you want to eat something in addition to the laser tag games, you have various options. Snacks for the little hunger such as chocolate bars, Bifi, Haribo etc. can be bought directly from us at the counter or are included in the event packages M, L and XL. If you are a little more hungry, you can see the dining options on the Food and drinks page see on site. All the details can be found here.
  • Can I bring alcoholic beverages to LaserTag?
    It is forbidden to play laser tag while under the influence of alcohol, but since we cordially invite you to spend some time with us after the game, there is nothing to prevent alcohol consumption (in moderation) after laser tag.
  • Can I bring a birthday cake to LaserTag?
    Since you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks, you can of course also bring a birthday cake.
  • At what age can I play laser tag?
    LaserTag can be played in our arena from the age of 7 and a height of 1.30 m.
  • I'm hosting a children's birthday party. Do I need parental consent to play LaserTag?
    No, parental consent is not required. However, all children must be at least 1.30 m tall and 7 years old.
  • Is LaserTag suitable for children?
    Laser tag is not just laser tag. It always depends very much on the appearance of the arena and the equipment. Children are allowed to play with us, since our game system is not a war simulation and will even convey educational content in a playful way. It is not "shot around with a gun" but strategically marked with the phaser. The children have to show team spirit, concentration and precision to be victorious.
  • Is laser tag suitable for pregnant women?
    In principle, laser tag is not dangerous and you play it at your own risk. However, when walking around the maze, there is always a risk of colliding with other players. We therefore advise pregnant women not to play the game.
  • Can I play LaserTag as a person with a disability or handicap?
    Yes, you can play laser tag in a wheelchair at LaserTag Evolution. We have already had many wheelchair users as our guests, who have played both with pushers and alone. If you want to come as a wheelchair user, it is best to give us an info in advance, so that we can make some preparations. Also deaf people or people with e.g. amputated arm can play with us without any restrictions. For more detailed information and planning we are always available by phone.
  • I have a pacemaker, can I still play LaserTag?
    Yes, since there are no magnets, batteries or similar things that generate harmful radiation in the vest at chest level, playing with a pacemaker is usually not a problem. Nowadays, pacemakers are also sufficiently developed so that they do not have any problems, e.g. with mobile phone radiation. However, we recommend that you consult your doctor beforehand.
  • What do I have to consider before I come to LaserTag?
    You don't have to pay much attention before you come to us. Please be in the arena 20 minutes before the start of the game so that we can start without delay. Otherwise, we recommend loose, preferably dark clothing and sturdy shoes. Everything else, including the explanation of the rules of the game, team assignment, etc., takes place in our arena on site. You don't have to pay attention to anything else.
  • I want to give away LaserTag, do you also have gift vouchers for that?
    Yes, you can print out vouchers directly in our online shop and give them away. There are both our event packages and vouchers to choose from. You can access our online shop here.
  • Where can I redeem my LaserTag voucher everywhere?
    You can currently only redeem a voucher from us, Lasertag Evolution Düsseldorf, at Lasertag Evolution Düsseldorf on Ubierstraße 18.
  • Can I redeem several vouchers at the same time?
    If it is, for example, a voucher or a voucher for a flat rate or free spins, yes. Vouchers received through third parties (e.g. Lipton promotion or Rockstar Energy promotion) can only be redeemed once per person.
  • What happens to the remaining credit on my LaserTag voucher?
    If there is a balance on your voucher, as long as the voucher itself is valid, it can be used towards anything that needs to be paid for. This includes drinks and snacks, so that the remaining amount can be redeemed or offset in full.
  • How long is a LaserTag voucher valid?
    Lasertag Evolution vouchers that you have bought yourself are valid for 3 years. However, if you received a free spins voucher from a member of staff, it will be valid forever.
  • What are the opening times for LaserTag?
    Our regular opening hours are as follows: Monday - Thursday | 2pm-10pm Friday | 2pm-12am Saturday | 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Sunday | 10am-10pm We may have different opening hours on public holidays and special events. You can find current information about our opening hours here.
  • Are there tables and seating on site?
    In our event room, in the outdoor area, on the grandstand and in the lounge area, there are numerous seating options and tables where you can spend your breaks. There is space for 8 adults or 10 children at each table. You will be provided with as many tables as are necessary according to this rule of thumb.
  • Do you have parking at the LaserTag Arena?
    Yes, we have sufficient parking spaces available directly at the event center.
  • Are you easily accessible by public transport?
    Yes, there are 2 subway or tram stops about 5 minutes walk from LaserTag Evolution. In particular, the connection to Düsseldorf's old town is optimal. You can reach this within 12 minutes without having to change trains (Heinrich-Heine-Allee stop). Details on how to get there by public transport can be found here.
  • Do you have shower facilities?
    No, we do not have shower facilities. We recommend bringing a small towel and/or a spare T-shirt to laser tag, which is usually sufficient.
  • Where can I change for LaserTag?
    There are two changing rooms on the premises.
  • Are dogs allowed at LaserTag?
    Dogs cannot take part in laser tag, but they are always welcome to visit us if they are on a leash. Please note, however, that our arena can get quite crowded and noisy, your four-legged friend should be able to handle that.
  • Can I take photos during laser tag?
    Yes, bringing a camera is allowed in our public spaces. However, we do not recommend that players take the camera onto the pitch. We will always offer you a group photo during your visit and will then send it to you by e-mail on the same evening free of charge!
  • Do you have a place where you can lock up your clothes and valuables?
    Yes, video-monitored lockers are available for you, which you can secure with a pin code of your choice.
  • Can I bring decorations for my party?
    Yes! As long as the tables are left tidy (apart from cake crumbs), you can decorate to your heart's content. Only confetti and glitter is not allowed due to the fact that it is very difficult to remove.
  • Where can I see how many foreign guests will play at LaserTag on my desired date?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to view this information online, but we are always happy to provide information about such details by telephone, even at short notice.
  • When and how is payment made for LaserTag?
    Payment is made shortly before your first game in cash, by EC or credit card. A deposit is not necessary.
  • Are there volume discounts or group rates for LaserTag?
    Yes, we generally give a volume discount for groups of 15 people or more, which increases the more people you bring.
  • Do accompanying persons who do not want to play laser tag also have to pay?
    No, you only have to pay if you want to take part in laser tag. Watching or visiting our hall is always free.
  • Can you pay on account and then do you have to pay a deposit?
    Yes, paying by invoice is possible, a deposit is not necessary.
  • Can I only play LaserTag if I have pre-booked?
    No, you can also just drop by spontaneously and start playing. However, we generally recommend online or by phone to avoid any waiting times. Especially on weekends we are fully booked quite quickly and we may not have any free places left for you. To book, just click on this link.
  • What happens if something changes to my laser tag appointment?
    You can cancel your appointment free of charge up to 24 hours in advance by telephone or email. If you are able to keep the appointment, but there is a delay, we would like to ask you to call us as soon as possible so that we can react immediately and reschedule.
  • Can I only book my laser tag appointment online?
    No. We are even available by phone to book appointments, as it makes it much easier to find an appointment if you can contact us immediately.

If you want to read the FAQ in English, click here.


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